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WISE INVESTING is focusing on what really matters to you, like your values and your dreams, instead of the daily ups and downs of the market. It is also:

  • Ignoring the noise and focusing on diversifying the risks you can control and avoiding the ones you can't.
  • Having a long-term plan and following it.
  • Knowing what you are doing with your money and why.

    In short, backed by decades of scientific research, WISE INVESTING is what Lauterbach Financial Advisors, LLC helps you achieve. Explore the LFA Difference and our Philosophy.

Featured Topic: Inflation

Jon Sonnen and Larry Swedroe talk about the role of inflation in an investor's portfolio.

The following article was posted recently on Larry Swedroe's Wise Investing Blog on CBS Moneywatch.

Article: Inflation or Deflation: Which Economic Risk is Greater?

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